SW Raspberry & white chocolate muffins

makes 8 good size muffins. 1syn each + hexB INGREDIENTS:1 sachet of Quaker super good, superfruits Raspberry & Açai (hexb)25g of sukrin coconut flour (3.1/2syns)1tsp of baking powder (1/2syn)1 tsp of vanilla essence2tbs of white chocolate skinny syrup or water2tbs of good quality sweetener (1syn)5 eggs separated50g of raspberries (optional) (1/2syn) 8 fresh raspberries8 white […]

Slimming World Banana loaf

15 1/2 syns for a whole loaf or 1 1/2 (round up to 2) syns per slice if cut into 10… I don’t count syns for sweetener and bananas so add on 8 for bananas and 1 for sweetener if you do.  INGREDIENTS: 56g self-raising flour (9)4 eggs2 bananas mashed1tsp baking powder (0.5)Sweetener to taste25g […]