Weight Watchers Turkey Egg Rolls


Ok this one is a game changer!!!! I made a batch last night and my teens and husband ravaged through them so that should tell you something!!!! 2 pts each!!!!!! 1 pound 99% turkey 1 c black beans 1 c chopped onion 1 c ff cottage cheese 1/4 c enchilada sauce Handful of cilantro Package of Taco Seasoning 1. Put cottage cheese and enchilada sauce in blender until smooth. 2. Brown turkey, add onion, add taco seasoning. Cook a few minutes. 3. Take off heat, combine turkey mixture, black beans, Cilantro, and cottage cheese sauce. 4. Roll up mixture in tortillas and brown on stove. Wrap in foil to last during the week. The only thing with pts is the tortilla, so add in however mush your tortilla can hold. Enjoy!!!! I need to go now, my kids are stealing more!!!!

1Poud 99% ground turkey

1c Black Beans

1C Chopped onion

1c FF cottage cheese

1/4 enchillada sauce

Mexican cauliflower rice bowl

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