Weight Watchers Low Point Omlette


recipe… Bake them at 375degrees F..
1 large container of baby spinach (Walmart)
2 large containers of egg beaters southwestern style
Salt and pepper
Shredded mozzarella (I used regular) because I couldn’t find fat free but only used 1/4 cup on each omelette which comes to one point per slice…fat free is probably zero.
I spray 2 pyrex dishes, add all the spinach between both dishes, it’s packed high but it does shrink. Then pour one container of the egg beaters into each dish…slice the tomatoes…add salt and pepper.
I bake them for 0ne hour and about 20 minutes…I know that sounds like a lot of time but believe me I tried all times and this works best…don’t want it all runny.
After removed from oven I put on racks and add the mozzarella it will definitely melt because it’s so hot.
Cool completely, cover with plastic wrap and cut when needed.
I microwave mine for 2 minute and 30 seconds so damn good. For one point (or zero) you can have 2 slices of toast with spray butter for a fantastic breakfast.

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