Chocolate Hummus Cups


Quick, easy and 1 point dessert!! Even a hit with the non WW crowd. Chocolate Hummus Cups!

30 mini phyllo shells
20 tbsp Boar’s Head Dessert Chocolate Hummus
Raspberries or strawberries

Bake phyllo shells at 350 for 5 minutes. Cool completely.
Fill each shell with 2 tsp of chocolate hummus
Top with a raspberry or a quarter of a strawberry

Recipe makes 30 Chocolate Hummus Cups! each one of one point on Weight Watchers

these are great for a party or even if you want to make an freeze them and take one out as needed! I would just quickly heat up in the microwave and if you are feeling splurge add a dollop of sugar free cool whip!

Definitely the easiest dessert for those who want a sweet treat without the splurge!

Thanks to Jennifer for sharing her yummy treat with us! 

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