Breakfast Crustless Frittata Recipe– Zero Freestyle Points


This Weight Watchers Breakfast Crustless Frittata Recipe is a perfect recipe for easy breakfasts.  One of the biggest challenges for our family is SITTING DOWN at the table to eat together. It sounds like such a simple easy task- but the truth is between my kids’ various after school activities we have a hard time MAKING TIME FOR a family dinner during the week. But when it comes to our weekend mornings- well- that is our time to break out the eggs, the jam the frying pan and connect over our mutual love of breakfast foods.

Weight Watchers Breakfast Crustless Frittata

Since I am a Weight Watchers GIRL I am always looking for recipes that are weight watchers friendly that my entire family will want to chow down on! And I think I have found the perfect recipe in this Easy Weight Watchers Breakfast Crustless Frittata Recipe–Zero Points and it serves Four! But to be honest, for zero points my kids are lucky if I let them share it with me!

Weight Watchers Breakfast Crustless Frittata


1 cup peppers and onions vegetable mix 0 Points
1 cup cooked mushroom pieces 0 Points
1 cup cooked spinach 0 Points
1 cup broccoli slaw 0 Points
8 eggs 0 Points
1/4 second spray Pam Cooking Spray, No-Stick, Olive Oil 0 Points
1 tsp black pepper 0 Points


1. Spray a pan with Pam cooking spray no-stick olive oil

2. Sautee Onions, peppers, mushrooms, spinach and broccoli slaw till browned.

3. Transfer mixture to a pie pan

4. Add 8 beaten eggs on top and bake for twenty minutes at 350

5. Add pepper to taste

Serves four – o points per serving


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