Air Fryer Cheesecake Chimichanga


Y’ALL!!! I did something amazing you need to see!! 2-3 POINT AIR FRYER CHEESECAKE CHIMICHANGA. .

Recipe: Spoon out 3 Tbsp Fage 0% FF Greek yogurt and mix with 5 grams (around 1½ tsp) jello sugar free cheesecake pudding. Chop up 2 or 3 strawberries, sit aside. Take a 1 point tortilla and microwave for about 15 secs to loosen it up. Layer cheesecake mix on tortilla and top with strawberries. Spray with a cooking spray (I prefer using olive oil). Cook at 400° for about 4 to 6 minutes. Check it. You just want a little crispness. Spray with Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter spray and toss it in 1 Tbsp of lakanto sugar and ¼ tsp cinnamon. Serve with reddiwip FF!! I also ate it with ⅓ cup Enlightened Snickerdoodle ice cream for 1 point

Easy Baked Manicotti

This Weight Watchers less than one point each Easy Baked Manicotti is Super delicious and I’m so excited I have another low point dinner and

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